Rop van Mierlo

“Ages ago when I first ran into Rop he was completely lost in the woods talking to trees and birds. Years later when I look at him I still don’t know if he’s a fucking genius or just a total nutcase. But, like with most things in life, the truth will be somewhere in the middle I guess…”

Allesomvattend gaat Rop’s werk over lachen met geitjes terwijl de rest van de wereld boodschappen doet. In 2008 Cum Laude afgestudeerd aan Design Academy Eindhoven, inmiddels runt hij vanaf 2010 zijn eigen studio in grafisch ontwerp, illustratie en animatie in Amsterdam. Het liefst werkend aan zelf geïnitieerde projecten komt eind september zijn eerste kinderboek ‘Wilde dieren’ uit.


Erwin Thomasse

Characteristic to the work of Eindhoven-based artist Erwin Thomasse is a visual language that is seemingly sensational, citing trendy pop cultural eclecticism: whatever ‘works’ does the trick: fast, imprudent, short-tempered and bombastic. Although Thomasse has origins in graffiti, he spiritually transcends this ego–branding, opting for an expressed sphere of robust, naive and fundamental (pseudo)spiritualism. In so doing, he voices another side of our humanity, part of our being: our hidden desire to get bewitched, to be seduced by the unconscious or unrecognised, even the superstitious proposal.